"At IsoTropic, People, Product, and Service are the foundation of our company's philosophy." - Hank Zbierski

Satellite Internet for Oil & Gas Ships and Rigs
The Oil and Gas industry has intense pressures, constantly changing crews, stressful conditions, and is where dollar loss due to productivity is measured by the minute; IsoTropic is there to provide seamless and reliable oil rig communications and support.

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IsoTropic Maritime VSAT Communications for Ships and Yachts
IsoTropic's Maritime offering consists of cost effective, managed IP network services including Voice, Fax, and weather via high speed satellite VSAT broadband at sea. IsoTropic supplies everything you need from on-ship equipment to beam switching to prevent loss of connectivity as you sail around the world.

Broadband Satellite Internet for Emergency Responders
IsoTropic Networks delivers HERE and NOW, not when and then. The regularity of recent natural and manmade disasters continues to demonstrate the need for reliable IP Connectivity anywhere, instantly, and regardless of the conditions from a teleport away from the typical hurricane and tornado regions (like Lake Geneva, WI).