System Maintenance Notification September 10, 2015

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IsoTropic Networks will be upgrading our iDirect software to v3.3.2.2.  This upgrade will introduce a number of new and exciting features, including Adaptive TDMA upstream carriers, X7 support and expanded X1 features.

This upgrade will require that your modem be up and active in the network.  In the event that your modem is not active, it will still obtain a green RX lock but will not obtain network lock.  If this does happen, please contact the IsoTropic NOC immediately.  We will be able to push new software images and options files to your modem and bring it into the network.

Services Affected:

Eutelsat 115WA (SatMex 5) Evolution, Eutelsat 113WB (SatMex 6) Evolution, Galaxy 28Evolution,
Amazonas 2 Evolution, Telstar 11N US Evolution

Please note, this maintenance affects ALL Evolution remotes (X1, X3 and X5) on the networks listed above.

There are five (5) networks that will be affected, as listed above.  We ask that you bring your modem live at or before 9:00am CDT on September 10, 2015.  Please leave it on until at least5:00pm.  We anticipate resetting all networks at 4:00pm CDT, completing the upgrade by 5:00pm.

The switch will require a network-wide reset, which normally requires about 15 minutes.  Once complete, sites will start to re-acquire their networks.

On Thursday, September 10, 2015 we request all units be powered on and online for the entireday. Software Images and Options Files will be transmitted at various times during the day – without a modem reset.  At 4:00pm CDT, one last push will be done, and all modems reset.  This will be followed by a full HUB reset.

IsoTropic is requesting a one-hour Maintenance Window for the Network Reset, but anticipates that it will be completed more quickly than this.

Maintenance Activity:  Evolution Software Upgrade.

Location:  IsoTropic International Teleport, Lake Geneva, WI

Start Date/Time: September 10, 2015 9:00 am CDT (GMT-5)

Network Reset: September 10, 2015 5:00pm CDT

Outage Duration: 60 Minutes or less

In the event that your site does not re-acquire the network by 5:00 pm CDT, please contact the IsoTropic NOC at (262) 248-9600 prompt 1 for further assistance.

Special Considerations: Stranded or non-active modems may receive an RX Lock when brought up, but network lock will not be possible until the modem software images and a new option fileare pushed to the modem from the IsoTropic NOC.

Please contact an IsoTropic Network Operations Center at (262) 248-9600 prompt 1 should you have any questions or concerns.